Videos from the climb

Pictures only capture a portion of the experience. Here are some short video clips at various moments to provide a feel for the region, the people, the beauty of the terrain, and high altitude.

Lukla: Taking off from the world’s most dangerous airport. Bless the pilots who do it everyday!

Crossing a suspension bridge. Thank God they are no longer wood but steel. One gets better with practice, but it is still a surreal experience. And you don’t want to get caught on it with an animal caravan coming the other way, especially ones with horns!

The regular goods porters are truly superhuman. I can’t imagine… I’m guessing he has at least 100 pounds on his back.

Cracking rock by hand for purposes of building construction.

Explaining the prayer wheel present as one enters and leaves a town. Let’s the gods know you are coming and to bring good fortune on the trip. We spun it a lot 😊.

How a yak dung stove works. It’s quite the thing!

Yak train. Critical to stay back when they pass lest you get skewered by a horn. Probably more accidents here with horns than at Pamplona and its famous running with the bulls.

Helicopter landing to pick up Amy after Everest Basecamp. I missed her terribly after this but she was my inspiration to continue forward! One does not mess with high altitude sickness and it can strike anyone at anytime and of any experience. Thankfully supplemental insurance covers it all.

Loading into the helicopter after our mutually tearful goodbye. It was 4 days before we had connectivity and was so pleased to hear she was fine.

Cho La Pass prayer flag dedication I made at 17,611 feet (first of two high passes crossed).

Cutting footholds the last few hundred feet to get to the top of Cho La Pass.

Steeps at high elevation toward Renjo La Pass with Everest in background.

Reflections from the summit of Renjo La Pass – 17,585 feet. This was my most exhausted moment having just done Cho La Pass the day before.

Last day reflections with my guide click on link above).