Day 17: Last full day in Nepal

It is hard to believe that tomorrow I begin the 3 leg flight back home. I’m anxious to be heading back but still reflecting on the past few weeks here and it’s meaning for me. Tomorrow morning before I leave I will offer thoughts on that front. Today, though, I will share insights on today’s activities and learning.

Asis picked me up about 10am and he joined me on a closing video. I hope you will watch it and get insights not only on the trip but he and his family. He was an excellent guide who I will miss when I leave.

For our first travels of the day, he took me in a cab to the National Museum near the Monkey Temple. I would liken it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, albeit a lot smaller. Had much art, sculpture, and other items of historical significance. I only wish we had a docent who could explain the pieces beyond cursory words in English. As it turned out, the Nepalese Military Museum was right across the street so we had to also go there. There was a rich history on the Nepalese Army and especially the famed Gurkhas. They really were a force to be feared for centuries and their curved kukri knife that they wielded with great lethality and still carry it today as standard army issue.

From there we returned to the Himalaya Glacier office to wrap some things up and then I took a walk to the Palace Museum down the street. Nepal used to have a monarchy, but on June 1, 2001, Prince Dipendra shot and killed 10 members of the royal family before killing himself. It ultimately led to the removal of the monarchy in Nepal. However, there are still rumblings by some to bring it back. The palace has a modernist feel to it, and with some interesting collections including the Crown Jewels and the house on the property where the massacre occurred (complete with bullet holes still in the walls).

Went for a walk afterwards along what I sensed is the main drag for hipsters in Nepal and indulged myself with popcorn chicken at KFC. I normally don’t do that, but I was curious about the taste. They were a bit spicy!

Dinner this evening with my guide Asis at a very nice restaurant called The Ship. I had a Norwegian Salmon that was fantastic! Long way from Norway too! Finished packing after that and ready to roll in the AM to start the long haul home.

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