Day 2: Kathmandu

Nomaste (good morning in (Nepalese)! Arrived Kathmandu yesterday at 12:15pm, 27 hours and three flights since Boston (9.75 hours ahead here vs East coast and yes, they have time zones that aren’t even 1 hour increments). Thrilled to finally be here, on literally the other side of the globe. Guide picked us up at airport and got us checked in at hotel. First order of business later in afternoon was a gear check by guide and visit to Himalaya Glacier firm office for trip and safety briefing. Fortunately we had what we needed, but higher than expected snow in the passed means we also need crampons. Purchased those at one of the many climbing shops in area. Also bought a recommended silk sleeping bag liner for extra warmth. The bag they provide is a -22 degree F bag… and they still recommend more warmth with a liner? Gulp. Also got their provided down jacket. Massively thick; feel like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Also learned that there is a gear weight limit of 33 pounds for flight to Lukla, the actual jump off point for the route. We were under the impression that we had a higher limit so Amy and I are today figuring out what we really need vs. like to have. Lukla Airport is a hairy landing and takeoff in a turboprop and a very short runway so weight is important. More on that AFTER we experience it but there are some interesting YouTube videos on landings and takeoffs if you wished to have a feel.

Today touring heritage sights in Kathmandu, a sprawling city of 5 million people. Dusty city and not sure they have any logic for traffic patterns but somehow cars, motorbikes, and people don’t seem to collide. All part of the adventure!

PS – I will aim to add pictures each day I post. You can find them under the photos link.

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